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"Thanks for meeting with us recently to review the state of our house build. As we've mentioned to you a, a key difference with your firm is that you personally "care" about the projects you undertake as well as the client's well-being which we've learned is paramount in any development project.We're writing this letter in order to assist your potential clients as we've learned a valuable lesson through our own house build. When we initially met in the summer of 2011 and you had provided us a quote on our project (pre-plans drafted), there was a notable variance in price with your budget versus the builder we ended up selecting; however, as the project commenced we quickly learned that his projections were grossly underestimated in order to win our business. Ultimately, the entire cost of the project is significantly higher than anticipated, thus your budget was very much in line with the "true" costs. If we had known this from the start, in a heartbeat we would have selected your company as we would have been 100% confident in the quality of construction and enjoyed the outstanding customer service we would have received. We would highly recommend Upward Construction and Renovation to any prospective clients and please do not hesitate to have them call us if they wish to receive a better understanding of our experience. Good luck with your business and thanks again for all your help!"

Amy and Pharid Jaffer

"As designers with some familiarity with the construction business, my wife and I were looking for a dependable contractor with a commitment to quality when we embarked on what we knew would be a challenging interior renovation and exterior envelope upgrade to our home. As is typical with most renovation projects, our project turned out to be a “voyage of discovery” as the layers of the 30 year old house were peeled back. Through the process, Michael Upward’s ongoing care and unflappable attention to our project was instrumental in achieving the results we were looking for. We would highly recommend Upward Construction to others, evidenced by the fact that we will be commencing another renovation with Michael in the near future."

Alan Endall and Celine Pitre

"I was impressed with Michael from the first day we met. He took the time to walk me through one of his existing projects, explaining various aspects of construction and how he operates. I subsequently hired him to construct a high end custom home on a building lot with extreme terrain. Every aspect of construction presented challenges that only a sophisticated master builder would be able to handle. I could not have been more impressed with Michael or his team. No challenge was ever beyond his ability. No phone call was ever left unreturned. No questions ever left unanswered. Michael leads with the utmost professionalism a team of dedicated and courteous staff and tradesmen that do the job right. A building project of the nature and scope which I gave to Michael, in the hands of the wrong builder, could easily have become a financial and emotional disaster. Instead, working with Michael was the best decision I could have ever made. He is a man of complete honesty and integrity, dedicated to quality and meeting the needs of his customer. Thank you Michael for the beautiful masterpiece you have constructed... one of the highest quality homes in my area!"

Rick Fischer

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At Upward our client is number one, and it’s our job to get to know you, to find out what passion fuels your dreams, so that we can connect your space to your life. Building the finest homes is the heart and soul of our company, our passion and our expertise! A happy and satisfied clientele is our mission.


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