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"Mr.Michael Upward is an outstanding and respectable construction contractor. He is passionate and energetic in his work, an upright person, capable and experienced at what he is doing, professional and dedicated at his job. He takes pride in the final result of his projects. Under his management, his team is diligent and earnest, they pay close attention to every detail of the project implementation process and the pursuit of quality in the construction. In addition, they are good at using new building materials and new technologies in order to maintain good quality in the longer term after the project is completed. Mr. Upward is also a very caring and responsible person to his family, and because of his dedication to his family, he believes in working hard and having a positive attitude in all his work and every project."

Frank Zhuang

"Michael Upward 先生是一位非常优秀的令人尊敬的建商,他对待工作充满热情与活力,为人正直,处事干练,专业,敬业,对于项目的最终结果充满责任感与荣誉感。同时他的团队在他的管理下,工作严谨认真,注重工程实施过程中的每个细节,注重施工质量,善于运用新材料新技术,以利于在项目建成后可以在较长时期保持良好的品质。 Michael Upward 先生同时也是一位对家庭非常富有爱心、富有责任感的人,也因此信仰而能更加积极地对待工作、对待每一个项目的实施。  "

Frank Zhuang

"We both want to express our sincere appreciation to you for the wonderful job your company did on our recent renovation. Your company stands out in the construction industry, as you have an extremely talented team of professionals who can make the impossible possible. Our experience with all of your team was so positive as you don't miss a beat over the holidays with the seamless participation of multiple employees. Thank you,"

Jim & Eileen Wright

What's Your Passion?

At Upward our client is number one, and it’s our job to get to know you, to find out what passion fuels your dreams, so that we can connect your space to your life. Building the finest homes is the heart and soul of our company, our passion and our expertise! A happy and satisfied clientele is our mission.


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