19 January, 2021

The Upward Difference Builds A Better Home

How we work with you is the Upward difference

At Upward Construction and Renovation, our client is number one and it’s our job is to get to know you so that we can connect your space to your life.  Whether you are building a custom home or renovating a home you’ve lived in for years, we follow a process that keeps you informed and connected to the project. We look at the process of building a home as four distinct planning and budgeting steps allowing the stages to be transparent to give owners complete control of where spending is happening within their projects. The final step is moving in to enjoy your home!

Step 1 – Dream It: Conceptualize the project, the result is a high-level estimate

Homeowners may not know what is possible within their budget so this step defines the needs, wants and desires of the homeowners with quality expectations. We take you to past projects to get an idea of the type of finishing that might be selected, and to give an idea of the type of quality work the Upward team delivers. We review your site or current home and listen to your ideas and we collaborate on the potential we see considering code issues, land use, or allowable permit work that might be needed. High-level budget expectations are discussed at this step so we can ensure we are aligned on the level of work required to meet your goals.

Step 2 – Approve It: Development of the overall design, budget, environment and permits lead to target estimate

Working with an Architect and/or a Designer the plans for the look of the project start coming together are determined with permits filed, the structural engineers brought in and the target estimate put together for a more accurate budget. At this point, we are learning more about the details of the project as decisions are being made by you, and now the Upward team has a better understanding of any constraints that might affect your timeline or budget.

Step 3 – Select It:  Define and design the interior, selecting finishings and fixtures leading to a construction estimate

The fun part of the project comes from selecting how the interior space will reflect you, the homeowner as you design the look of your interior space. Fixtures and finishings are selected and as these decisions are made by you the construction estimate is updated with the final selections. The Upward team gives insight into how fixtures and finishings and design decisions impact the budget so you are aware and you have time to review choices in selecting those design items that meet the budget expectations.

Step 4 -Build It: Construction begins with a final tracking budget and schedule, leading to a finished project

With all important decisions made, the construction phase gets busy and the schedule for the project is set. The Project Manager works with the Site Manager to ensure the project stays on time and on budget, as subcontractors and the Upward team perform the work. The Tracking Budget is a transparent view into the day-to-day running of the project and weekly meetings between you and the Project Manager keep everyone informed and up to date on the project. When encountering any unexpected items during the process our team notifies you right away so that we can remediate and plan any alternative options and allow you to review any budget implications.

Step 5 – Move-in!

It’s now time to move in and we’ll be in touch with you weekly to support any needs that come up. We stay in touch with our clients to ensure they have a smooth transition into their new home and provide a detailed manual to care for and maintain their new home, fixtures and equipment.


The Upward Way Project Budget Process

Our Process is weaved through every aspect of how we work with clients. We care about our clients and the success of their projects.

Want to know more about us? We are a group of dedicated building professionals with years of experience working in North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Vancouver and Whistler. We specialize in contemporary home builds and full home renovations that meet green building standards through the BuiltGreen Canada sustainability standards, meet the Upward Team.

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