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Custom Home By The Ocean

Maximizing the view potential

the problem to solve

Sometimes it’s not about what it is, it’s about what it can become. This homeowner lived in the neighbourhood and when the low potential lot with a great view came up for sale the homeowner seized the opportunity. The property had the potential for a breathtaking view, but the current location of the home gave visibility into the home below. Reshaping of the lot in order to maximize the view potential would be necessary.

design sketches

the story of the build

Major work would need to be done to lift the property to a level where the view could be reclaimed. Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright, the homeowners designed the home to capture the view throughout the layout of the home with a wide single floor layout. The site was on bedrock so there was major blasting required, the Upward team worked strategically to blast the bedrock and build a retaining wall to give the height needed to raise the eyeline of the home to maximize the view. The reshaping of the lot also included creating a flat and pristine backyard.

what our client has to say

We would like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to Michael Upward, Matthew Inkster, Jason Peterson and the entire Upward Construction team for working with us to realize our dream of creating our new ‘age in place’ home. We had a building lot and a vision – where to go from there? Having engaged Upward Construction several years ago to help us with a major 8 month renovation of our previous home, we knew they would be up to the task of assisting us with the construction of our new home.

The team was actively engaged with us through every step, from the initial design meetings, preliminary discussions with the District of West Vancouver through decommissioning and demolition of the old home to site preparation and ultimately the actual build itself. Our interests were aligned throughout the process and, as such, we reached our goal efficiently.

Anyone who has built a home knows there are thousands of decisions to be made and that there will be issues and surprises throughout. In our case, we were able to minimize the surprises with planning and by dealing with any issues that arose by meeting them head-on and immediately. We were fortunate to be building 5 doors from our home at the time and, therefore, able to meet on-site at the beginning or end of the day, if necessary. Jason, our site superintendent, maintained excellent and regular communication with us throughout the build. If there was any detail that required further input or Jason thought there was something that may not suit us, he was in touch and we met.

I know we had many 5 minute meetings that saved hours of potential changes in the long run. To build a great home you need to start with a great foundation and to us, that foundation starts with a great team. Thanks again to the Upwards and the whole construction team for a job well done!

David & Gail

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