Conceptualize the project and receive a high-level estimate

You may not yet fully know what is possible with your budget. We like to connect with you and conceptualize the project and chat about how to make the most out of it. This first step allows us to not only get acquainted, but understand your needs, wants, desires and quality expectations.

We’ll walk you through past projects to get an idea of the type of finishings that might be selected and to show first-hand the type of quality work the Upward team delivers. A review of the site and potential thoughts on code issues, land use, or allowable permit work would also be shared during this initial meeting. We’ll touch on some high-level budget expectations as well as our collaborative process to achieve your vision.


Development of the overall design results in an estimate and permits filed 

Working with an Architect and/or Designer we plan out your vision for the project. Once the visual perspective is determined and permits are filed, the structural engineers are brought in as required. Now that the team is aligned, constraints are understood, and you’re starting to make some decisions, we are able to put together the target estimate for a more accurate budget. We guide you through this step-by-step before proceeding so that we can achieve success and your desired outcome.


Specify and design the interior by selecting finishings and fixtures, receive construction estimate

Now the fun part! We work with you to select how the interior space will reflect your vision as they design the look of their interior space. As fixtures and finishings are chosen, the construction estimate is updated with the final selections. But don’t worry, we give complete visibility into how fixtures, finishings and design decisions impact the budget. We want to make this as enjoyable of a process as possible!


Construction begins with a final tracking estimate and schedule. Project completion and move-in day

Now that all important decisions have been made, the construction phase begins and the schedule for the project is set. While subcontractors and the Upward team perform the work, the Project Manager works with the Site Manager to ensure the project stays on-time and on-budget. You’ll have weekly scheduled meetings with the Project Manager so that you are always up to date and informed. You can also utilize the Tracking Budget for a transparent view into the day to day running of the project. Our standard for the highest quality means everything to us, so rest assured that you are in the best hands and we can handle anything that may come our way.









Have a project in mind?

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