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Grand Boulevard

A family home designed for entertaining

Grand Boulevard
Grand Boulevard Living Room Grand Boulevard Kitchen Grand Boulevard Toilet Grand Boulevard Dining Area Grand Boulevard Rear Garden Grand Boulevard Rear Sitout


Our client felt they were outgrowing their home, which isn't uncommon for growing families in North Vancouver. As a household with teen boys active in the local sports community, the homeowner didn't want to move from their home of 10 years, so it was time to start planning a long-overdue home renovation project! Modernizing the 1950's-style home required adding 700 sq ft to the house to ease spatial pressures. The owners wanted to update their living space, create indoor and outdoor areas to entertain guests, give the teens privacy, and have a mudroom for those very active days. The house foundation would be a challenge and required repair, and the age of the home would require asbestos removal, so it was essential to find a reputable home contractor on the North Shore that could help!

Grand Boulevard Washbasin
Grand Boulevard Toilet
Grand Boulevard Interior


The custom home addition included a mezzanine level-grade in the backyard with a walk-out patio leading from the kitchen. The master suite was transformed into a more extensive suite using the existing upper floor footprint without significant structural changes, and the teens upgraded to individual bedrooms. We created a sunken mudroom entrance with a hot water tap for the active family to clean off their equipment after a busy day – keeping the dirt out of the house! To bring in additional income, the homeowner opted to add a secondary bachelor suite as well. This impressive renovation is now fit for the family to entertain guests, offers more privacy and space to accommodate the family's busy lifestyle.

Grand Boulevard Fireplace Inprogress
Grand Boulevard Inprogress
Grand Boulevard Inprogress
Grand Boulevard Inprogress
Grand Boulevard Inprogress
Grand Boulevard Interior Inprogress
Grand Boulevard Interior Inprogress
Grand Boulevard Pipeline Inprogress


We knew what we wanted from a construction partner and immediately fell in love with the Upward way! With a dedicated team of experienced tradesmen and an On-Site Supervisor, we loved their daily updates and seeing the progress along the way. We were impressed with how interactive the process was – their ways of working really helped us plan the tiniest details, even down to the furniture! We appreciated how everything was done with a purpose from the communication, planning down to the organization.

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